VL800B VOLUSIA 2014 (L4) USA (E03)


area code E03 


VL800B VOLUSIA 2014 (L4) USA (E03)


The Suzuki VL800 Cruiser was announced in 2001. Its liquid-cooled 45° 805cc engine is a peach giving 52hp and more importantly 69nm of torque at just 3500rpm. This superb engine powers one of the finest looking ‘California’ style cruisers in its class, with a very long wheel base and deep valance mudguards. Valve actuation is by a single overhead camshaft that operates four valves per cylinder. Weight is a lighter than class average of 239kg, but still no lightweight!

All in all a very good effort form Suzuki, with sales reflecting that high specification for a relatively low retail price.