TL1000R 2003 (K3) USA (E03)


area code E03 


TL1000R 2003 (K3) USA (E03)


A truly fabulous no compromise sports bike! Incredibly light for a 1 litre 90-degree V-twin at just 197kg, this 135hp bike was just about as quick as anything out there when launched in 1998. It was not perfect however, it’s power came in very much at the higher end of it’s rev range in a very unlike V-twin manner, and its handling whilst sharp, was perhaps too sharp for the less experienced rider. A great looking iconic sports bike though, and used prices for low mileage examples hold up well. The model was discontinued in 2002, although its engine lived on in both the V-Strom and SV1000 models, albeit with radically revised induction and engine mapping.

One of the truly remarkable models from Suzuki flawed but still superb!