VL1500 INTRUDER 1999 (X) USA (E03)


area code E03 


VL1500 INTRUDER 1999 (X) USA (E03)


Suzuki’s long term commitment to the cruiser style motorcycle is obvious with one of the most comprehensive line-ups of any Japanese manufacturer. Unlike the USA home grown competition though, Suzuki cruisers look traditionally styled but are bang up to date with modern motorcycle technology.

The VL1500 Intruder LC is typical of Suzuki’s attention to detail. The air/oil-cooled engine produces its peak torque at just at just 2300 rpm.

The engine is based on the legendary VS1400, but has many new features such as plated cylinders and hydraulic valve adjustment.

The tubing of the chassis is thin walled steel which all helps keep the machine both light and rigid. This relative lightweight at just 292kg allows the use of light chassis parts, 41mm forks being entirely adequate. The low seta height of just 27” combine with great cruiser presence and a low purchase price ensure sales in its chosen market are almost guaranteed.

The torque figures of 114nm made the final case for one of the best large capacity cruisers on the market at that time