GT500 1976 1977 (A) (B) USA (E03)


area code E03 


GT500 1976 1977 (A) (B) USA (E03)


Suzuki replaced the long running and highly successful T500 twin with the GT500 in 1975. The earlier model had won production TT’s and spawned the TR500 race bike. Now by the mid 1970’s was out-dated, despite it’s face lift and disc brake. It’s 44hp @ 6000rpm still gave it a good turn of speed, and it’s weight of 187kg was not too bad by standards of the day, and the chassis handled well, and it was still a good looking machine from any angle.

The simple air-cooled piston port twin cylinder engine was a paragon of reliability, and today both the T500 Cobra and these later GT500’s are very collectable as one of the iconic two strokes from the 1970’s. They change hands for substantial sums, and generating huge interest on dedicated forums and at club level. The model was discontinued in 1977, with Suzuki’s new and superb GS550 DOHC Four taking its spot in the limelight!