GSX750F KATANA 2004 (K4) USA (E03)


area code E03 


GSX750F KATANA 2004 (K4) USA (E03)


First launched in 1980, to replace the old two valves per cylinder GS750E, the GSX750E gave an impressive 79hp, and picked up the mantle where the old model left off. Interestingly the USA still called the new model GS750, not including the X.

This 229kg naked air-cooled model was discontinued by 1982.

Then in 1985 to 1987 we have the GSX-R750, a radically different model that came to define the 750cc sports bike class.

This was a machine built to compete in various Worldwide championships, as well as being street legal. The engine was a superb oil/air-cooled unit putting out an incredible 100hp, helped by the use of flat-slide carburettors, and an ultra short stroke.
It’s incredibly low weight, the lightest 750cc ever produced at that time, was due to use of magnesium parts, and a superb double cradle perimeter aluminium race frame. All this added up to a svelte 180kg!

There are few of these left in good condition today, but this was the model that started the evolution of modern sports bikes and are real classics in every sense of the term!