VT500FT ASCOT 1983 (D) USA


base name VT500FT
common name ASCOT
year 1983 
area code
frame range JH2PC100*DM DM000029 - JH2PC100*DM DM004708
engine range PC10E 2000029 - PC10E 2004722


VT500FT ASCOT 1983 (D) USA


Made from 1982 to 1986 this 50bhp replacement for the ageing CX series was popular with despatch riders, even with out proper servicing could cover 50,000 miles, and with regular oil changes 75,000.

Much faster better handling and with a better balanced appearance than the CX500 this 110mph 180 kg machine was about the best middleweight cruiser of the period, and those that have not been ridden into ground, and have been serviced correctly still command surprising values on the second hand market.