Washer-plain,6mm Kz1300a4 1982 Usa Canada

The 411B0600 Washer-plain,6mm can be ordered. View linked machines.

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KZ1300A4 1982 USA CANADA WASHER-PLAIN,6MM 411B0600, for Kawasaki
Washer-plain,6mm Kz1300a4 1982 Usa Canada
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this product is superseded by 411AA0600


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Using the correct Kawasaki washers means fitting is perfect, the appearance is perfect and originality is maintained - Why use anything else?

  • Retain total originality - To the last washer!

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    The Washer-plain,6mm appears in these Kz1300a4 1982 Usa Canada parts lists:

    Small Image Of Seat seat Cover

    Small Image Of Turn Signals

    Small Image Of Fenders

    Small Image Of Headlight

    Small Image Of Air Cleaner

    Small Image Of Battery Case electro Bracket

    Small Image Of Chassis Electrical Equipment

    Small Image Of Mufflers

    Small Image Of Ignition

    Small Image Of Generator regulator

    Small Image Of Ignition Switch locks reflectors

    Small Image Of Cables

    Small Image Of Radiator fan coolant Tank

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    WASHER-PLAIN,6MM | 410B0600


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