Packing, Muffler (nas) Xl600v Transalp 1987 (h) England

The 18392MK4000 Packing, Muffler (nas) can be ordered. View linked machines. 18392-MK4-000 is the manufacturercode. This product is rated 4.7 stars!

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XL600V TRANSALP 1987 (H) ENGLAND PACKING, MUFFLER (NAS) 18392MK4000, for Honda
Packing, Muffler (nas) Xl600v Transalp 1987 (h) England
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Engines need the exhaust gas flow to be perfect, a weak mixture caused by exhaust gasses escaping or partially by-passing the exhausts system will confuse the engine management system, and take the edge off your performance.

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    reviewer: Kjell Hanssen

    (4 Stars) - Wednesday, January 07, 2015
    This packing muffler fits my bike great.
    It came in a perfect condition and fits 100%

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    Vital component...

    reviewer: Alexander Stevenson-kaatsch

    (5 Stars) - Wednesday, November 15, 2017
    This innocuous tube-shaped sealing system is not only the BEST way of connecting the exhaust system together, but is also a Vital part of that system. This component will seal the gasses IN and keep any air fro leaking in, too. Air that leaks in will combine with any unburnt fuel causing structurally damaging 'back-fires' inside the exhaust system. Essentially an unwanted explosion that can wreck the complex and fragile internals. On newer, injected, catalysed models, it can destroy your very expensive catalyst, which messes up the fuel map and makes the 'oxy-sensor' lose the plot and put your machine into 'limp-mode'. So, all in all this inexpensive bit of clever technology is actually worth it's weight in gold ! Don't forget to make sure you buy an accompanying double-bolted clamp to match the joint at the same time you get a new seal !

    0 of 0 voters found the following customer review helpful:


    reviewer: Dennis Poot

    (5 Stars) - Sunday, February 15, 2015
    Super service, in één keer de juiste pakkingen.

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