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Honda Vtr1000

Honda VTR1000

The Firestorm was introduced in 1997 after the Ducati 916 made V-twins sports bikes popular again.

The Firestorm used an all new 90-degree V-twin. The bike introduced several new design concepts such as the semi-pivotless frame, side radiators, single-casting engine case, connecting rods with cap screws instead of nuts, and the largest carburettors Honda ever put on a motorcycle, 48mm!

The frame used the engine as a stressed member with the swing-arm bolted directly to the engine. This idea was pioneered by Vincent in 1950 with the first V twin super-bike of the Post WW2 era. The Brough Superior SS100 was the first real super bike in the 1930’s!

When released the ‘Firestorm’ was recorded to have the fastest acceleration 0-100kph ever recorded!
The Firestorm continued developing, and in it’s most famous, and quite different form, the SP1 and SP2 models, in racing RC51 spec, won the 2000 WSB championship with Colin Edwards. Ducati stole it back the following year, but the RC51 continued to deliver good performances aided by rock solid reliability.

Made from 2000 to 2006, the RC51 was a true race bred racing super-bike, which needed re-gearing for road use, and the rarity of these machines guarantees their second hand values will rise similarly to the RC30 from a previous era!
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