Plug, Spark, X24es Gl1000k2 U.s.a

The 9806958721 Plug, Spark, X24es can be ordered. View linked machines. 98069-58721 is the manufacturercode.

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The GL1000K2 U.S.A PLUG, SPARK, X24ES is shown as item 26 on the schematic.
Plug, Spark, X24es Gl1000k2 U.s.a
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this product is superseded by 9806958727


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Part of any ignition system overhaul will include replacing the Spark plugs. Make sure they are 100% correct for your model.
Buying your plugs from us will mean, provided you have specified the correct part number, the diameter, the reach and the running characteristics will be 100% correct for the model to which they are specified.

  • To help you order all the various ignition parts you may need to replace, browse our online schematic for your model, it may assist you towards a more comprehensive order, taking full advantage of our already low shipping costs.
  • Fit a new Spark suppresser cap and HT lead at the same time.

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    Small Image Of E-2 Right Cylinder Head

    Small Image Of E-3  Left Cylinder Head

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