Bearing, Head Pipe Cr250r Elsinore 1990 (l) Usa

The 91015KZ4701 Bearing, Head Pipe can be ordered. View linked machines. 91015-KZ4-701 is the manufacturercode.

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CR250R ELSINORE 1990 (L) USA BEARING, HEAD PIPE 91015KZ4701, for Honda
Bearing, Head Pipe Cr250r Elsinore 1990 (l) Usa
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Any machine is only as good as the quality of the bearings it runs on. Motorcycles are no different.
Ordering OE bearings will give the peace of mind that is part and parcel of seeing the correct part-number on the packaging. In short buying the best and most suitable replacements as fitted originally by the factory.
Join our growing global customer base of enthusiasts and trade professionals who choose to buy their motorcycle spares and accessories from us.

  • OE bearings are your guarantee of quality.
  • Don't forget we can supply all your gaskets, seals and sealant to complete a perfect overhaul.
  • Our pro-workshop gasket sealant: 08C70K0234M to complete the job like a professional.

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