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Honda Ce71 Dream Super Sport


Honda’s grand European tour of the leading motorcycle manufacturers of the day led him to the factory gates of NSU Motorcycles in Germany. The twin cylinder overhead camshaft designs, with pressed steel spine type frames appealed to both the engineering side of Soichiro Honda and the potential for mass production, hopefully leading to a more profitable business, the C70 250cc twin in 1957 was the result.

The following year came the C71, quickly followed by this the CE71 sport, almost the same, but with one crucial commercially important difference, this now had a reliable electric start, attracting the sort of customer who was not a natural bike enthusiast.

This was define Honda motorcycles for the future, well made user friendly machines that went well, and by nature of the design almost allowed anybody to be able to jump on, press the start button and ride off into a San Francisco sunset, with out getting a mark on their freshly laundered Levi’s!

Frame CE71-10001 ~ CE71-10390
Engine CE71E-10001 ~ CE71E-10390 Read more

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