Oil, Seal 20x34x7 Cb125s 1978 Usa

The 91201030015 Oil, Seal 20x34x7 can be ordered. View linked machines. 91201-030-015 is the manufacturercode.

Oil, Seal 20x34x7 photo
The CB125S 1978 USA OIL, SEAL 20X34X7 is shown as item 22 on the schematic.
Oil, Seal 20x34x7 Cb125s 1978 Usa
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this product is superseded by 91201030023


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Essential replacement part when reassembling any engine. The importance of renewing the Oil seals with the correct specification items can never be overstated!

  • Our pro-workshop gasket sealant, 08C70K0234M to complete the job like a professional.
  • Specify all the seals required in one comprehensive order and save money on shipping costs.

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