Race Steering Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa

The 53211001305 Race Steering can be ordered. View linked machines. 53211-001-305 is the manufacturercode.

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CA105T TRAIL 1963 USA RACE STEERING 53211001305, for Honda
Race Steering Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa
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If the motorcycle has stood for any length of time uncovered, subject to rain and frost etc, chances are the head-race has had most of the grease washed away leading to rust and pitting in the bearing cone.
Our low replacement cost will soon have everything back into shape!

  • Don't forget to order the ball bearings and the other bearing race to compliment this item.
  • For all the parts you need to complete a satisfactory head stock overhaul, access the on-line schematic where applicable or the on-line Gallery for your model.

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