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Additional information on the use of partslists on the website

What is the

The reference number is a number in a schematic to identify a product.


Products column

In the products column from the parts list, you see relevant information about the product; click or hover over the "more info" link to view more details. You can also click on the product name to view the product detail page.


Serial numbers

If a specific serial number range is mentioned, please check if this relates to your machine.
For example if your vehicle has serial number 1100210 and a specific part was produced for serial number range 1000100 ~ 1100100 then this means this item has not been produced for your vehicle.


Area codes

The area code refers to the specific area this item was produced for. This has to do with local requirements. Make sure that you select the product that matches the area code for your machine.

Currently we only have Honda area codes listed. The are two types op area codes, one for cars and one for two-wheelers and ATV's.

If you would like to contribute to the area codes listings for Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki we welcome you to contact us with this information.



The displayed price is our retail price at the time of ordering per single product. The price is does not include VAT and shipping costs.

Orders placed by EU (European Union) residents will be subject to VAT. The VAT percentage depends on the country. Orders placed from outside the EU and shipped to outside the EU are not subject to VAT but will usually be subject to taxes and duties when clearing customs.

When viewing your shopping cart the total price including VAT (when applicable) and shipping is shown.



This refers to the recommended quantity to replace. You may adjust to any desired quantity.

Please note that the available quantity always overrules the recommended quantity.



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