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Help on how to use the Model and Product forums

Where do I find the motorcycle forum for model XYZ ?

You can find a link to the forum at the bottom of each model page, near the text "Related info". Simply click the link that has the words "forum".


Where do I find the forum of a product?

The link to the product forum is at the bottom of a product page. Follow the link that has the words "Discuss this product".


How can I post my question to a forum ?

Make sure you are logged in. On the forum page, click on the link that says "Start new topic".

A form appears where you can enter the subject and your message.

Note that you also must type the two words from the security check.

You can preview your message at the right side of the screen, to see if your message is correct. If necessary correct your text. Click the "Add" button when you are sure you want to submit.

You cannot change the post after the message has been submitted!



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