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Read the help on ordering Kawasaki spares.

I have a Kawasaki model XYZ, how do I find parts for this bike?

In all of the examples below we look for a FENDER for a Kawasaki KZ900 A5 ( USA ).

There are several ways to find the relevant Kawasaki Part:

  • By browsing the model tree or,
  • by searching the model.

By browsing the model tree
Each Kawasaki model belongs to a family (model) of some sort. To find our KZ900 we start out at the Kawasaki page from the main menu. We continue to browse by clicking Motorcycle - Kawasaki, followed by Z900 (1). Next, select KZ900 A5 1977 USA. There you will find all relevant products and parts lists for this motorcycle.

Within this catalogue a free text search can be done at the left side of the page.

Search by model
To quickly find your model, you can type "KZ900 A5 1977" at the homepage in the "Search Model" box ( at the left). You can click the model presented to you in the auto suggest list.

Next, find the product by free text search. We have found our machine and now want to find the FENDER from the product list. To do so, we type "FENDER" in the product search box in the left column ( near "refine your search" and click the "search" button. We instantly see our wanted "FENDER".


How to search by Kawasaki part number

For Kawasaki click here.

Please do not use dashes
Please key complete part numbers only as incomplete do not show
Example: 14043-1002 Incorrect
Example: 140431002 Correct!!

This instruction is superseded when you have selected a brand for part number search.


Which piston and piston ring oversize should I use?

The following coding is generally used by Kawasaki for Engine piston and ring sets. Please note there may be exceptions. If you are not sure please consult our sales team.

Note that position 7 (Y) of the product number should be a 3 or a 0.

13001-XYXX Piston Std
13008-XYXX Rings Std
13029-XYXX Piston 1st Oversize
13025-XYXX Rings 1st Oversize
13027-XYXX Piston 2nd Oversize
13024-XYXX Rings 2nd Oversize



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