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Error FAQ

General use - read this first

If your question goes like:

  • Do you have ...
  • How much is ...
  • where can I find ...
  • does this fit ...
  • I need a ...
  • I cannot find ...
  • what is the difference ...
  • will this fit ...

then you MUST read this.

  • Do you have these parts on stock?
  • Can you help me find a part ?
  • CMS is not a workshop and therefore we are unable to provide you with technical advise when it comes down to "will this fit" or "can I use item X on my vehicle" . For part selection please always use the schematics or relevant galleries. For technical advise we recommend you to order a shop manual from either Haynes or O.E.M. . Another option is to post a question on our forum.
  • CMS works with part codes given by the manufacturer. All our listings are based on the given information by the manufacturer and not because we have manually fitted or tried parts. We therefore discourage any purchase of items that you think are suitable for your vehicle but are not listed in the relevant schematics or product gallery for your vehicle. We strongly advise you to consult a fellow collector or mechanic prior to any purchase of items not listed in the specific listing or part manual for the vehicle you wish to make a purchase for.


Website Glitches

If you experience any problems on the website, please contact the webmaster.

This e-mail is may only be used when you notice a malfunction of the website. E-mails on other topics will not be answered through this e-mail address.

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The webpage looks garbled, what can I do?

When a web page looks garbled, you might be able to fix it by pressing the CTR+F5 buttons simultaneously several times. That way you refresh cached data that caused a misrepresentation of the web page.

Keywords: garbled, scrambled, messed up, mixed up , corrupted view


Why can't I add products to my shopping cart?

To add a product to your shopping cart, you click on "Add To Cart".

This requires that your browser has javascript enabled (not java). Most browsers have javascript enabled by default.

If you have enabled javascript but the page does not work as expected, check if you can open the main javascript file by clicking this url. If the latter cannot be openened, make sure that you unblock it.

It sometimes help to reload the page, by hitting CTR+F5 or clearing your browser's cache memory.



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