Disk B, Cluh. (nas) Gl1000 Goldwing 1979 (z) Usa

The 22202392000 Disk B, Cluh. (nas) can be ordered. View linked machines. 22202-392-000 is the manufacturercode.

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GL1000 GOLDWING 1979 (Z) USA DISK B, CLUH. (NAS) 22202392000, for Honda
Disk B, Cluh. (nas) Gl1000 Goldwing 1979 (z) Usa
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Dropping into a higher gear, revs rising yet you are not going any quicker? Sounds like a clutch overhaul is called for.
Fitting the correct specification OE Friction Discs will mean years of good service, and if ridden with some mechanical sympathy, perhaps a lifetimes service!
We recommend that you give consideration to replacing the clutch springs and the pressure plates at the same time.

  • Don't forget to order new gaskets and seals at the same time, reusing the old ones is not recommended!
  • Use the same gasket seal as the professionals: 08C70K0234M.

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    DISK, B. CLUTCH (MCA) | 22202371000
    PLATE,CLUTCH | 22321MG8000
    DISK,A.FRICTION (NAS) | 22201371000
    PLATE B CLUTCH | 22321283000
    CENTER,CLUTCH | 22120371020


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