(11432-415-306) Gasket, Pulser Cov Cx500 1978 Usa

The 11432415000 (11432-415-306) Gasket, Pulser Cov can be ordered. Fits the Honda Cx500 1978 Usa. 11432-415-000 is the manufacturercode.

(11432-415-306) Gasket, Pulser Cov photo

CX500 1978 USA (11432-415-306) GASKET, PULSER COV 11432415000, fits Honda

: Honda
: 11432415000
: HO0013.7157
: see below

this product is superseded by 11432415010
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If this Pulser Cover Gasket should be replaced every time the cover is removed and refitted. The problems of leakage is probably a problem best avoided!
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