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Back in 1980 I was drafted in the Dutch army and I needed transportation to get to my base. A friend of mine had decided to sell his 2,5 years old Honda CB500 Four and I bought it for a mere 1250 Dutch guilders. I have owned my bike since then and I really LOVE it! Nowadays,being an IT specialist, I take it for rides in the summerweekends, just touring through Belgium, Germany and, of course my own country. She has never let me down, what amazing quality! No need for screaming speedmachines, just my Honda 500 Four is all I need :-).
"Do it while you still can" - Age: 65


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Honda CB500 FOUR 1977
Make: Honda
Name: CB500 FOUR
year: 1977

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Nieuwe klepstel doppen Friday, October 02, 2015
De klepsteldoppen van mijn CB500F zagen er na 38 jaar niet meer zo jofel uit en aangezien ik toch wel 'op de kleintjes' let besloot ik een set nieuwe aan te schaffen bij CMS. Binnen... 47321


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