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I'm a mechanic,i ride motorbike from the age of 12,for me motorbike mean adventure and freedom;
I hate when i see people ride for 2000 miles on new brand motorbikes without any trouble or fail; this is not adventure,it's like take a plane and go where you want without any risk...
J N P 
- Age: 33


model name

Suzuki GS 550 M 1981
Make: Suzuki
Name: GS 550 M
year: 1981

Suzuki GS550 1981 MX 1981
Make: Suzuki
year: 1981

customer reviews

they are perfect Sunday, February 18, 2018
Original spare parts are always perfect 69023
Fits perfectly Monday, November 16, 2015
No problems to install it;
it fits perfectly 49531


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