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Electronic Engineer by Profession but have been interested in motorcycles since first riding a mobylette across the fields as a teenager! I'v ridden motorbikes since the age of 17, including thousands of miles of year round commuting. I still love riding my own restorations but now prefer dry weather! My oldest bike, a Honda CD175 I've owned since 1980 - it has been a rolling restoration for most of that time. My CB125s, CB250G5 and CB400f are all more recent acquisitions but I have restored them all from complete strip downs, including complete engine rebuilds. I enjoy the restorations as much as riding the finished machines, and relish the challenge of finding original parts to return the bikes to standard condition, doing as much of the work as possible myself, and continuing to maitain the completed machines. My preference is for Honda 4-strokes from the 1970s - those bikes I grew up with, and I have found the CB400f a great all rounder, after some initial problems were overcome. I hope I will be able to continue to restore and ride classic motorcycles for many years to come.
- Age: 62


model name

Honda CB250G5 1976
Make: Honda
Name: CB250G5
year: 1976

Honda CB125S 1973
Make: Honda
Name: CB125S
year: 1973

Honda CD175A4 1973
Make: Honda
Name: CD175A4
year: 1973

Honda CB400F 1976
Make: Honda
Name: CB400F
year: 1976

customer reviews

CD175 CAMSHAFT Thursday, September 16, 2021
Refurbishing the cylinder Head on my CD175 demanded new parts to replace worn original items. The camshaft was one hard to find part that was required and CMS came up with the goods,... 80169
Keeping the lights on! Friday, September 04, 2020
These Washers are made especially to provide the electrical chassis connections for the rear turn direction indicator lamps on the Honda CD175A4 and possibly other models too. Use of... 76403
Got to keep that oil pumping Friday, July 20, 2018
Difficult to obtain - parts at reasonable prices. In this case essential for keeping the oil pumping and the engine healthy! Promptly dispatched for a swift delivery - what more can you ask? 70264
CB125S Exhaust Valve Thursday, November 20, 2008
The CB125S Exhaust Valve that I ordered on-line was a genuine Honda Part and available from stock at CMS. Delivery within one week from the Netherlands to UK, the part arrived well packaged... 878


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