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Owner: Gary J. Gwillam, Cornwall UK

Comments: ”I used to ride bikes on my friend’s farm My friend had an RM100T and it flew compared to my Dalesman Putch and Indian 125. My dad would not buy me a motocrosser so years later I am catching up on lost time!

My first bike was a ‘75 Aspes 50 with very narrow power band (1000 to 1500 rpm). Then I bought an Indian 125 with a CB125 Honda engine. I traded the Indian and the Aspes for a ‘81 250cc Honda XL, and then I sold the Honda to get a ’59 Greeves 24TAS 250 ”Scottish” trials bike.

A year after I bought the South West's champions bike, ‘61 Greeves 24MCS, at the age of 14. This was a big move into scramble bike collecting.

More bikes followed. In 1988 I bought a ‘69 380 Greeves Griffon (58C 171, the 70th bike made). With that bike I have won six shows and had three second-places and two highly commended. I have been offered £3,000 for the bike.

Whilst completing the Griffon I met Brian Edwards (ex Greeves dealer at the time, while he still had a good stock of new parts) had the second hand bits to build a Greeves Challenger ‘64 24MX1. He also had a works engine that was catching water from the roof of his garage. So I assembled another Greeves and I went on doing this to accumulate the following:

'59 Greeves Scottish 24TAS 250cc
'61 Greeves 24 M.C.S 250cc
'61 Greeves 25 DC Road Bike 250cc
'63 Greeves 24 M.D.S 250cc
'63 Greeves Silverstone Racer 250cc
'64 Greeves 24MX1 Challenger 250cc
'64 Greeves 24DCX Road Bike 250cc
'66 Greeves 36MX4 Challenger 360cc
'69 Greeves Griffon 380cc 58C 171
'71 Greeves Pathfinder 175 Putch
'70 Greeves Griffon 250cc
'71 Greeves Q.U.B Griffon 380cc 63A 126 25th bike made
'77 Greeves Q.U.B Griffon Mk2 380cc only 25 made
'74 400 CZ 9815 model (6700rpm 44 bhp, also kicks like a mule).
'74 Bultaco Sherpa T 250cc Trials
'78 Suzuki RM250C2
'78 Suzuki RM125C
'78 Suzuki RM400C
'84 Suzuki RM250F
'84 Suzuki RM500 Special Greg Hanson’s bike
'77 CCM 580 3-speed Vic Eastwood's.
Fantic 300 Trials Pro 250cc (£167 for a piston)
'78 Yamaha DT 250
'81Yamaha DT 250
"its got one of two options " - Age: 49

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mr Sunday, February 12, 2017
Brought for TM400R fitted well and arrive within a week ! 66145
mr gwillam Sunday, January 22, 2017
fairly priced hard to find shipped quickly correct part fitted well and gearbox spins well ! what more can i say thanks cms !  65977
greeves246 Wednesday, December 21, 2016
very rare cog hard to find and reasonably priced here great service and fast delivery  65721


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