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I am a 44 yr. old male from Starke Florida USA .... I am starting a restoration project on a 1992 Suzuki VS 1400 Intruder GLP ... I have it torn down to the frame , so i am building it from the ground up ... Financially , it may take me a couple of years to get it complete but it will definately be worth it in the end . Ive already figured that i will have about $8,000 in the restoration by the time im through ... My old lady isnt too thrilled about it but hey , this is my hobby , my addiction and my passion ... I cant stop what ive already started .... i will keep ya informed on how things are going ... Peace
"Perfection is the key to restoration" - Age: 51


model name

Suzuki 1400 VS INTRUDER GL 1992
Make: Suzuki
year: 1992

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