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There are four ways in my Life only:

- Pontiac Trans-Am
- Kawasaki Ninja
- Okinawa no Kenpo
- R.C.M.P.

Ride is a way of life, Life is a way to ride, my goal is nowhere and nowhere is my target. I drive cars and motorcycles for excitement and they were built for my excitement...
"One man can make the difference." - Age: 38


model name

Kawasaki NINJA 750 1985
Make: Kawasaki
Name: NINJA 750
year: 1985

Kawasaki GPZ 1100F 1984
Make: Kawasaki
Name: GPZ 1100F
year: 1984

customer reviews

Gasket for a Ninja Wednesday, June 17, 2020
The gasket matches the engine and perfectly fits the head cover. The machine now works like the first day of its birth in KAWASAKI manufacture. Terrific and smoothly cool! 75537


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