Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you find the most Frequently Asked Questions. Please read these common questions and answers carefully before asking a question.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are there any restrictions to the media ?

Yes there are some. It is not allowed to upload copyrighted material. Examples of good media are:

  • photo's you took from own bike.
  • movies you recorded by yourself

Can I upload other makes than Honda ?

No, please upload Honda media only. Since this is a website for Classic Honda Fans.

How can I join this site ?

This site is part of the Classic Honda Fanpage. Read the information on the about page.

How do I know when a new bike is uploaded?

Thanks to the RSS technology, one can keep up with the latest updates. On the content syndication page you find explanation on keeping updated with the latest galleries.

How do I upload my stuff ?

Make sure have an account with You can register here.

  • Click my galleries to view you galleries. (You will be taken to a login page when your not logged in).
  • At the bottom of that page, click on "add new"
  • On this page you can fill in gallery details. Supply a gallery name (eg: Honda CB500 restauration project). Add a description of this gallery. Provide with general information on the bike.
  • press "submit" and you see your new gallery listed. Note that you can edit the name and description of this gallery at any given time.
  • The next step is to add media to this gallery. Click "add image" to go to the image upload page.
  • You are now on the image upload page. Press the "browse" button to select an image. Once selected, your image appears as a preview.
  • Fill in the "name" and "description" fields. eg. name : "Honda Bently engine detail view" In the description, mention features that can be of interest to your fellow Honda enthusiasts. eg: "this engine was originally build in 1965 and has a xx bore and yy diameter. It yields 60 BHP... etc etc."
  • press the "add" button to submit the image to the website. Note that processing may take a while, depending on your internetconnection.
  • When the upload is completed you will be taken to a page where see the image listed as thumbnail.

How long does it take to upload a file?

That depends on your internet connection and the size of the file. When you submit a file, an upload window pops up. When this window disappears, the upload is completed. (You should disable any popup blocker)

How many galleries can I create?

The number of galleries you can create is virtually unlimited.

I can't upload some image files. Why is that?

At this time only .jpg images are supported. Also make sure that the image is not bigger than 300 Kb.

Something isn't working. Who can I tell ?

This site is in its early stage and problably contains some bugs. If you want to report this, please make sure that you include the link in your email and describe what went wrong.

What language should I use?

Please enter all text in US-English. Since this site is internationally orientated, no other language than English is allowed. Hint: there are several tools to translate you text to English, eg:

Why can't I play some of your movies?

First some background info: A movie is basically a sequence of images combined with sound. To reduce the filesize of the movie, usually both the sound and images are compressed with a 'codec'. The codec is a piece of software that determines in most cases the quality and filesize of the movie. To play the movie, your videoplayer (eg: windows mediaplayer 9) needs to have the proper codec installed. Modern players like window media player 9 tries to determine the codec and download it, if available. In most cases upgrading to the latest mediaplayer will suffice.

Why can't I rate some media ?

To rate media, you need to be logged in. After logging in, you can rate all media. There are two exeptions:

  1. You can't rate your own media
  2. You can't rate media that you have already rated. In other words: you can rate each media once.