Flap, Tire Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa

The 42713MG7003 Flap, Tire can be ordered. View linked machines. 42713-MG7-003 is the manufacturercode.

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The CA105T TRAIL 1963 USA FLAP, TIRE is shown as item 8 on the schematic.
Flap, Tire Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa
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this product is superseded by 42713KB7901


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Rim Tapes are, as you are probably aware, essential to keep inner tubes from being punctured by slightly protruding spokes. Cheap ones will degrade quite quickly, as opposed to these top quality parts.
Another high quality Rim Tape you may wish to consider:


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    The Flap, Tire appears in these Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Front Wheel

    Small Image Of Rear Wheel

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