(90105-08x15) Bolt, Flange (3y1) Yfm80n Moto-4 1985

The 9581108016 (90105-08x15) Bolt, Flange (3y1) can be ordered. Fits the Yamaha Yfm80n Moto-4 1985. 95811-08016 is the manufacturercode.

(90105-08x15) Bolt, Flange (3y1) photo

The YFM80N MOTO-4 1985 (90105-08X15) BOLT, FLANGE (3Y1) is shown as item 23 on the schematic.

: Yamaha
: 9581108016
: YA0044.1113
: see below

this product is superseded by 9581708016
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where used

The (90105-08x15) Bolt, Flange (3y1) appears in these Yfm80n Moto-4 1985 parts lists:

Small Image Of Guard
  • Guard
  • used 4 x in Guard
Small Image Of Guard
  • Guard
  • used 2 x in Guard

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