Yamaha Xj900rk 1983 parts lists

The XJ900RK 1983 parts lists consist of fifty-three schematics. In total, the parts lists contain one thousand two hundred thirty-two parts. Please take best advantage of these XJ900RK 1983 parts-lists - they often contain vital information for carrying out repairs on the XJ900RK 1983.

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Yamaha Xj900rk 1983

Yamaha XJ900RK 1983

Even today, this is rated as one of Yamaha’s best ever touring machines. Launched in 1985 It has abundant torque, 81nm @7000 rpm, plus 98 BHP, enough to power along the European motorway systems at prolonged high speeds, two up with luggage, the handle bar fairing taking most of the... Read more

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