Yamaha Xj650g Maxim 1980 parts lists

A total of 47 parts lists are found for the XJ650G MAXIM 1980 . XJ650G MAXIM 1980 schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. The XJ650G MAXIM 1980 parts-list contains one thousand one hundred thirty-three parts.

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Yamaha Xj650g Maxim 1980

Yamaha XJ650G MAXIM 1980

Launched in 1980 to head to head with the Kawasaki Z650, this powerful 71BHP @ a heady 9500rpm was a big sales success, not only was it as powerful and fast as most 750’s of the time, it had a well developed chassis, strong brakes all combined with handsome up... Read more

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