Suzuki Ts50 1971-1974 (usa) parts lists

To discover exactly which parts you require use the on-line schematic exploded diagram - it will even give you some idea of where and how to fit those new parts. With these TS50 1971-1974 (USA) partsfiches you have access to six hundred thirty spares. A total of thirty-one lists available for TS50 1971-1974 (USA).

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Suzuki Ts50 1971-1974 (usa)

Suzuki TS50 1971-1974 USA

Introduced in 1971 the TS50 was produced virtually without any changes being made until 1978. This original TS50R Hustler model was powered by a 49cc all aluminium two-stroke disc valve motor giving 5hp @ 7500rpm. Weight was 69.5kg. It was superseded in 1979 by the TS50ER this model itself being... Read more

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