Suzuki T305 Tc305 1969 Usa (e03) parts lists

T305 TC305 1969 USA (E03) on-line schematics - your first port of call when repairing or restoring. The largest parts list ( CARBURETOR ) contains twenty-seven products for this T305 TC305 1969 USA (E03). Access four hundred forty-five spare parts listed in these schematics.

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Suzuki T305 Tc305 1969 Usa (e03)

Suzuki T305 TC305 1969 USA E03

The Suzuki T305 Raider was launched in 1969, and was a bored up T250, sharing the same 6 speed gearbox, and relatively low weight of 144kg. Its 37hp engine gave it the performance of a 500cc motorcycle, with a 94mph top speed and eye watering acceleration. It was a superb... Read more

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