Suzuki Sp125 1982-1983 (usa) parts lists

A total of 48 parts lists are found for the SP125 1982-1983 (USA) . The SP125 1982-1983 (USA) parts manuals are put online for your convenience and may be accessed any time, free of charge. The TRANSMISSION schematic contains the largest amount of parts with forty-one listed products.

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Suzuki Sp125 1982-1983 (usa)

Suzuki SP125 1982-1983 USA

Introduced in 1987, this 12hp four-stroke trail bike was launched to plug a gap in the lucrative learner legal ‘Trailie’ market. It was both handsome and well made, like the other SP trail models from Suzuki. Weighing just 111kg made it easy to manage for the novice, although the relatively... Read more

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