Suzuki Rf900 R 1994-1997 (usa) parts lists

The RF900 R 1994-1997 (USA) parts-list contains one thousand nine hundred ninety-six parts. A total of 78 parts lists are found for the RF900 R 1994-1997 (USA) . RF900 R 1994-1997 (USA) on-line schematics - your first port of call when repairing or restoring.

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Suzuki Rf900 R 1994-1997 (usa)

Suzuki RF900 R 1994-1997 USA

It’s low price, partly through using a steel rather than aluminium perimeter chassis allowed the RF900 to fit comfortably into it’s own market niche of a reasonably priced sports machine with touring potential. It cost nearly $1500.00 less than it’s nearest rival, and although was never going to bother Honda’s... Read more

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