Suzuki Gs250 T 1980-1981 (usa) parts lists

The displayed parts fiches should be you first reference for repairing your Suzuki. Find eight hundred eighty-seven parts within these schematic pages GS250 T 1980-1981 (USA) section with fifty-two Other schematic pages.

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Suzuki Gs250 T 1980-1981 (usa)

Suzuki GS250 T 1980-1981 USA

The GS250 was Suzuki’s first four-stroke twin, and unlike the competition from Yamaha with their XS250, this model was a well-made and pretty machine. The DOHC four stroke twin gave 26hp @10,000 rpm, and was not really up to the mark as far as pure performance was concerned. The GS... Read more

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