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The 35250300033 Switch Winker is now available for sale. Fits Honda. 35250-300-033 is the original manufacturercode. This product is rated 5.0 stars!

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SWITCH WINKER 35250300033, fits Honda

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: Honda
: 35250300033


When restoring your classic Honda, the switch gear always poses a problem, especially when the black finish has started to fade and discolour, leaving your bike looking sub standard, no matter how good the rest of the restoration.
Thankfully, for now, Honda still produce this classic switch gear, enabling you to sort out this area of your machine with a click of your mouse!
For other classic parts still produced by Honda, check out the online 'parts list' fiche for your classic, and may be consider ordering new parts for use, if not now, for future use?

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Reviews for the Honda Switch Winker

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Switch for my 1973 350F Honda


starstarstarstarstar (5 Stars) - Tuesday, July 19, 2011
I found this switch to be the exact specifications of the OEM that came with the bike. Your web has been invaluable for getting parts that are out of production at Honda. Purchase this or similar products for other Bike without fear...Great Job.. Chuck- Vacaville, California


1 of 2 voters found the following review helpful:

Switch winker review


starstarstarstarstar (5 Stars) - Thursday, May 07, 2009
Great product, looks great.


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