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The 160651002 Carburetor Holder can be ordered. Fits Kawasaki. 16065-1002 is the manufacturercode. This product is rated 5.0 stars!

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CARBURETOR HOLDER 160651002, fits Kawasaki

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: Kawasaki
: 160651002
: KA0006.4348

Fitting a brand new carburettor mounting will ensure a good airflow between carburettor and inlet port as well as offering full protection for the carburettor from engine vibration.

  • The old items degrade with heat and vibration over time - Easiest solution is to simply renew!

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    Reviews for the Kawasaki Carburetor Holder

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    starstarstarstarstar (5 Stars) - Friday, February 14, 2014
    I think it is ok.


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