(35850-mb0-007) Sw, Start.magnetic

The 35850425017 (35850-mb0-007) Sw, Start.magnetic is now available for sale. Fits Honda. 35850-425-017 is the original manufacturercode.

(35850-mb0-007) Sw, Start.magnetic photo

The (35850-MB0-007) SW, START.MAGNETIC is shown as item 8 on the schematic.

: Honda
: 35850425017

this product is superseded by 35850MB0007
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New Honda production, this part will ensure first prod starting every time, and be as durable as the original item.
See for your self, the 5 star customer review for this item, and decide if you wish to go ahead and order. If your old one has lost it's magnetism, or has severe corrosion, then replacement with a new part is the only realistic alternative. A genuine Honda part will ensure correct performance and durability, exactly what Honda stands for!

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