(34908-km1-671) Bulb (14v3w)

The 34908MK3671 (34908-km1-671) Bulb (14v3w) is now available for sale. Fits Honda. 34908-MK3-671 is the original manufacturercode.

(34908-km1-671) Bulb (14v3w) photo

The (34908-KM1-671) BULB (14V3W) is shown as item 2 on the schematic.

: Honda
: 34908MK3671

this product is superseded by 34908KM1671
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Specifying genuine Honda bulbs will guarantee correct fixing, correct level of brightness, and long term durability. Buying you bulbs online from CMS will guarantee the correct part number, delivered promptly, and at a competitive price.
Make your Honda parts purchase simple not complicated, just check the model application list before filling your shopping basket, no wonder over 40,000 enthusiasts shop from the CMS web site!

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