Kawasaki 2001 Ex250-f15 Ninja 250r parts lists

2001 EX250-F15 Ninja 250R schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. The largest parts list ( RADIATOR ) contains fifty-one products for this 2001 EX250-F15 Ninja 250R. The list contains fifty-eight Other parts fiches.

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Kawasaki 2001 Ex250-f15 Ninja 250r

Kawasaki 2001 EX250-F15 Ninja 250R

First launched in 1986 the Kawasaki EX250, also known as the GPX250 is an entry-level sports model. With a high specific output of 36-40bhp depending on the information source, this 8 valve liquid cooled twin was capable of high sustained revs, and needed to be revved to achieve any kind... Read more

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