Kawasaki 1989 A3: Kl650 (north America) parts lists

1989 A3: KL650 (North America) schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. Access fifty-eight schematic parts-list fiches for 1989 A3: KL650 (North America). The 1989 A3: KL650 (North America) parts-list contains one thousand one hundred thirty-nine parts.

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Kawasaki 1989 A3: Kl650 (north America)

Kawasaki 1989 A3  KL650 North America

Replacement for the out going KL600, this 45bhp model continued the evolution of Kawasaki’s advanced trail enduro machine. Now fitted with disc braking at the rear, this model was to become the KLR 650, a very popular machine for the serious adventure rider, it’s bullet proof build qualities appreciated by... Read more

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