Kawasaki 1981 Kz440-a2 Ltd parts lists

1981 KZ440-A2 LTD schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. Access one hundred four schematic parts-list fiches for 1981 KZ440-A2 LTD. This parts-list page (CARBURETOR ASSY ('80 A1)) contains the most products with forty-four listed parts.

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Kawasaki 1981 Kz440-a2 Ltd

Kawasaki 1981 KZ440-A2 LTD

Available in two basic formats, the Z440 with a SOHC engine putting out just 27bhp was pretty dull either as a sports machine in the Z440C 1980 model or the custom LTD 1982 variant. Both utilised a six-speed box and chain drive. They were solidly made machines, and although down... Read more

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