Kawasaki 1971 G3ss-a parts lists

1971 G3SS-A schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. The largest parts list ( FRONT FORK ('69-'73) ) contains seventy-three products for this 1971 G3SS-A. The 1971 G3SS-A parts-list contains one thousand eight hundred seventy-three parts.

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Kawasaki 1971 G3ss-a

Kawasaki 1971 G3SS-A

The G series of disc valve 90cc motorcycles were produced both as road machines and off road models, generally termed as the ‘Bush-master’. With 10.5bhp rising to 11.5bhp performance of this lightweight machine was impressive. The road version was the G3SS, and the trail version the G3 TR, the latter... Read more

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