Honda Xr500r 1981 Usa parts lists

XR500R 1981 USA schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. With these XR500R 1981 USA partsfiches you have access to one thousand one hundred thirty-nine spares. This parts-list page (REAR SHOCK ABSORBER 81-82) contains the most products with fifty-two listed parts.

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Honda Xr500r 1981 Usa

Honda XR500R 1981 USA

The XR500 was launched in 1979, using the well tried 498cc four valve twin exhaust port air-cooled engine used in the XL500 street model. A five-speed transmission was sued throughout the model run, and all machines from 1981 onwards became the XR500R. Pro link rear suspension, twin carburettors, disc brakes... Read more

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