(92101060100a) Bolt, Hex., 6x10 Xl250r 1984 Usa

The 9200006010 (92101060100a) Bolt, Hex., 6x10 can be ordered. Fits the Honda Xl250r 1984 Usa. 92000-06010 is the manufacturercode.

(92101060100a) Bolt, Hex., 6x10 photo

The XL250R 1984 USA (92101060100A) BOLT, HEX., 6X10 is shown as item 23 on the schematic.

: Honda
: 9200006010
: HO0125.0961
: see below

this product is superseded by 92101060100A
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Reusing the old bolt is simply not worth the risk! The old item may have been stretched and have possible thread damage - either way they will be difficult to torque up properly!

  • New bolts just look better than reusing the old items!
  • Add as many items as you like to your shopping cart and pay just one fixed price shipping cost.

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