(16010-mb0-505) Gasket Set Vf750c V45 Magna 1983 Usa

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VF750C V45 MAGNA 1983 USA (16010-MB0-505) GASKET SET 16010MB0671, fits Honda

: Honda
: 16010MB0671
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this product is superseded by 16010MB0871
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Using genuine Honda seals will help protect the engine and carburettors against unwanted leaks of oil, air, or water. Whatever the gasket's job, it will do it better if it is a genuine Honda gasket.
As with most things in life you get what you pay for, and using cheap none Japanese made gaskets and seals could end up costing an awful lot more if they fail to do their job.

  • Replace for leak free carburettors (air in or fuel out!)
  • Don not take any chances - Insist only on genuine Honda gaskets and seals!

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