Honda Cm400e 1981 (b) Usa parts lists

With these CM400E 1981 (B) USA partsfiches you have access to one thousand two hundred ninety-one spares. The CM400E 1981 (B) USA parts manuals are put online for your convenience and may be accessed any time, free of charge. A total of 54 parts lists are found for the CM400E 1981 (B) USA .

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Honda Cm400e 1981 (b) Usa

Honda CM400E 1981 B USA

The CM designating this as the custom version of the CB400T, was a particularly brisk performer when announced in Japan in 1979. It’s 40bhp @9500 rpm overhead camshaft twin cylinder engine with a two inlet one exhaust valve head being advanced and powerful. The bike sold well, especially in the... Read more

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