Pin, Cotter, 4.0x30 Cl175 Scrambler 175 K6 1972 Usa

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CL175 SCRAMBLER 175 K6 1972 USA PIN, COTTER, 4.0X30 9420140300, fits Honda

: Honda
: 9420140300
: see below

Specify GENUINE HONDA fasteners including these spit, Cotter and lock pins, you will be fitting the very highest quality items that will be both easy to fit and enjoy long term durability - Other makes of Pin may be just as good, or they may not!
This is the 4.0mm Cotter Pin.

  • Always replace the washer that relates to this Pin at the same time when applicable.
  • New pins just look better than reusing the old bent and mutilated items!
  • The Honda name on the packaging is a guarantee of excellence!
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    The Pin, Cotter, 4.0x30 appears in these Cl175 Scrambler 175 K6 1972 Usa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Rear Brake - Panel

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