(95011-40000) Rubber Pedal Cb750 Four K4 Usa

The 24781268000 (95011-40000) Rubber Pedal can be ordered. Fits the Honda Cb750 Four K4 Usa. 24781-268-000 is the manufacturercode.

(95011-40000) Rubber Pedal photo

The CB750 FOUR K4 USA (95011-40000) RUBBER PEDAL is shown as item 6 on the schematic.

: Honda
: 24781268000
: HO0038.6878
: see below

this product is superseded by 9501140000
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The (95011-40000) Rubber Pedal appears in these Cb750 Four K4 Usa parts lists:

Small Image Of Gearshift   Drum Stopper

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